I am Kevin Mooney. I am a web designer, search engine optimizer, eCommerce site builder and marketer for people who hate doing all those things. We all know firsthand how stressful marketing yourself and your business can be. My superpower is exactly that! Also doing kick ass BBQ.

I grew up in Northern California with your typical white suburban lifestyle #boring. I soon moved to Oregon to escape the unoriginal and ordinary. I found myself doing the ordinary once again. Work for some company who doesn’t even know I work there, go to college, graduate, get a new job where the company doesn’t know I work there blah blah blah. It wasn’t until my lucky break, that I was fired from a really crappy eCommerce CSR position that I realized that I could do this on my own. Not the customer service part, the whole thing! Why couldn’t I start a store?

I found myself working for a friends eCommerce company and pursuing on my own venture on the side. What a great opportunity I had. I could run a store and learn firsthand the techniques needed to be successful. This evolved into my first, very own, eCommerce company. During that time, I was lucky enough to learn the language of HTML and the skills I would need to actually build that eCommerce site rather than pay someone. 

With my success in web design and eCommerce building, my primary focus has shifted to offering high quality web design that focuses on increasing company growth and exposure. 

This also gives me more time to Fly Fish!

Louie Michael Mooney

This is Lou Dog. He is by far my best friend. He goes everywhere and does everything with me. His favorite things in the world are bones, ducks, the river and laying on the couch. He is single but a daddy (hope you don’t mind the baggage).


Things I enjoy:

Fly Fishing, camping, golfing, good friends, travel

Building websites, developing small businesses, marketing

Lou Dog

Vacations in Mexico


Graduating College (for me, total accomplishment)

Being self employed

Having a high quality of life

Amazing looks

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